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Composing Great Photos with the Rule of Thirds

Have you ever noticed how some photo subjects are in the perfect spot, and others just aren’t? That’s not luck. Professional photographers use a nine-part grid—three vertical and three horizontal sections—to position their subjects.

This practice is called the “rule of thirds.” Most likely, eyeballing your subject as you take a picture won’t result in a properly positioned photo. You’ll want to crop your photo according to the rule of thirds instead.

Placing a portrait subject to one side of the grid will add interest. A horizon at the top line of the grid shows off a landscape, yet leaves enough sky to keep the frame from looking crowded. Not to mention that the rule of thirds can perfect your architecture or action shots.

These helpful tips on the rule of thirds come with side-by-side comparisons of photo cropping do’s and don’ts. With this guide at your fingertips, you’ll be creating perfect pictures in no time.

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How to Use the Rule of Thirds - photography

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