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Geeks vs. Hipsters

Geeks and hipsters: mortal enemies locked in an eternal struggle over irony versus earnestness. But, how different are they? Geeks are obsessive and their love is genuine. Geeks love their franchises not because of how ironically fashionable they are but because of the subjective impression they left on the individual. A geek’s love is genuine while a hipster’s is trendy. Hipsters are dismissive. They sort through the detritus of pop culture, appropriate what they find appealing in its quirkiness, cultivating an aesthetic that considers all but allows surprisingly little. They are ironic and thrive in their vintage lifestyles. Because of hipsters, the geek culture is returning to the mainstream but for different reasons.

Brought to you by becomecareer.com.

Brought to you by becomecareer.com

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  1. I expected something a bit different when I read hipsters 🙂 I like the geek much better.

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