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Infographic: How To Make your Own Lightsaber

There is always one idiot who brings a knife to a gun fight. But what if once, just once, you could bring the power of the force with a lightsaber? Well now you can!

Brought to you by Herbertpocket.co.uk.

Infographic: How To Make your Own Lightsaber

Brought to you by Herbertpocket.co.uk

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  1. Such a cool DIY project! Would be super useful for Halloween!

  2. What a fun DIY project! My son will thank me for sharing this really cool infographic with him! Love the wide and varied range of topics you cover!

  3. i love star wars! great info graphic!

  4. Industrial Photographer

    Very good set of instructions for the making a simple light sabre @ home.

  5. this is too flippin cool!

  6. Really very informative infographic. Very catchy design and all you need to know is in there.

  7. a very high quality design. interesting idea and realization!

  8. this is awesome. love how it is broken down. does not seem that easy or hard to do. i wonder how long it would take me to do this.

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