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Infographic: What’s the Deal with Model Trains

Trains are the oldest form of mechanical transport and often carry a sense of nostalgia for those riding in them or watching them. First created as a way to promote locomotive transportation to those who had not seen trains before, today model trains are maintained by legions of passionate enthusiasts around the world, including celebrities like Tom Hanks, Rod Stewart and Michael Jordan.

Model trains in the 1950s began moving from being simply toy train sets designed for children to intricately detailed equipment geared toward adult collectors. Today there are over a half million enthusiasts that spend over $424 million annually on the hobby. So what exactly is the deal with model trains? We’re excited to share an infographic we created with you. It provides a brief history and some fun facts on this fascinating hobby.

Brought to you by exactrail.com.

Brought to you by exactrail.com

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