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Infographic: Busting the Biggest Travel Myths

We’ve all heard myths and urban legends about Big Foot, tested illogical home remedies like using hot water to make ice cubes faster, and have made conservative choices on Friday the 13th, but how many of us have missed out on a travel adventure due to the fear caused by a few travel rumors? Here are some of the biggest urban legends in travel and the facts that debunk them.

Brought to you by venere.com.

Infographic: Busting the Biggest Travel Myths

Brought to you by venere.com

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  1. This infographic is a riot! As a frequent travel I really enjoyed it. If there was a $100 in every bible I would be rich. I do disagree with your mention of soda be include in dining room on cruise ship. I have never received a free soda while cruise. It is always an additional cost!

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