10 Places to Put Keywords on a Webpage for SEO

So, you’ve done your keyword research, and hopefully have chosen a long-tail keyword that’s not too competitive.
And a keyword that you have not gone after already.
Don’t cause keyword cannibalization by targeting the same keyword for multiple pages on your website.
You’ll be competing with yourself, and that’s not good SEO practice, to say the least.
Use variations and synonyms for the keyword throughout the body of the page.
Don’t place the keyword in every sentence.
This is called keyword stuffing and makes your content spammy.
The searchers don’t like it, and neither do the search engines.
Write for the reader, not the search engine.
This infographic focuses on 10 places to put keywords on a webpage for maximum Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)
The goal of SEO is to increase the rank of your page on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP.)
The ultimate goal is to capture the #1 position, both in the SERP and – for local SEO – in the Map-pack.
Getting into one of the top 3 positions would be great since they get most of the clicks.
Getting on Page One would be good.
But if you’re not on Page One then your page is almost invisible, since 75% of searchers don’t scroll past Page One.
Many SEO techniques can improve a webpage’s ranking: page speed, backlinks, competition and more.
Getting ranked in the top-3 positions requires several techniques that when used together, give your webpage the best chance to rank higher.
This infographic focused on on-page SEO, which alone won’t get you to page one, but it’s a good place to start.

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