10 Tasks Successful Entrepreneurs Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

For any business organization, saving as much time and money as possible is crucial. This is why certain tasks are delegated to very specific people within the company. In this infographic, you’ll learn the 10 tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

The more specialized these people are for such tasks, the more your business will run efficiently and with fewer costs. However, when it comes to handling various business processes and operations, it’s not a case of one size fits all. You may have the most capable team in your hands, but not all tasks will be their field of expertise.

Outsourcing will not only save you time and money but will also get you the expertise you need. Think of it as seeking a helping hand for your business growth. Businesses choose to outsource because they either don’t have the in-house expertise or the time to develop it. Pursuing a third-party provider allows them to send their HR functions to an outside company or get help with customer service, marketing, PR, planning, or consulting.

Just as there’s no shortage of services and functions to outsource, there’s also no shortage of a particular service that has been largely outsourced over the past decade—virtual assistants (VAs). A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who can assist with administrative work, business development, social media, marketing, content management, and several other tasks.

Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

As a business owner, you want to put your effort into areas such as research and development or reaching out to valuable contacts. Problems arise when your time is pulled away from these areas to accomplish administrative tasks and other time-consuming duties, all of which are tasks you can delegate to a Virtual Assistent.

By hiring VAs, you’re adding a team of highly trained people to supplement your existing team. You’re granted instant access to the growing support you need. VAs are well-experienced and educated, with almost 60% of them having a college education. They also have increased productivity, completing tasks while managing their responsibilities efficiently.

Why should you outsource to a virtual assistant? When it comes to saving money, VAs help keep costs down since they usually have their own workspace, equipment, common software programs, and internet. Furthermore, since a VA is an independent contractor, they don’t require the same benefits as a full-time employee.

Aiming for business growth has its growing pains. VAs can help make managing growth less difficult as your business tries to keep up with demand. With a VA, you have someone who can accomplish tasks required for day-to-day operations while you work on opportunities to accelerate your business.

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Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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