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14 Signs He’s Into You

Break out the hearts and champagne; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In the spirit of the holiday, MySafetySign.com would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day with our new infographic. It might be a little naughty, but who can blame us when there’s love in the air?

As you shop for that perfect gift for your significant other, don’t overlook the signs (pun intended). We know signs aren’t conventionally sexy, but there’s something hot about these 14 signs that he’s into you. Most of them are available for customization and purchase here, at MySafetySign.com — because it’s always good to be safe.

Though these are 14 tried and true signs that he’s into you (as reported by the SmartSign team in our Brooklyn offices), there are a few that didn’t quite make the cut. Below are three, but we’d like to hear from you too. What are some other readable signs that show he’s into you?

Brought to you by mysafetysign.com.

Brought to you by mysafetysign.com

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