The 30 Banks That Make the Most Money per Second

Money is always a topic of conversation no matter the company you keep. It can be polarizing and cause emotions to fly and stress to increase. Some people view money as a tool and utilize it to their advantage, others struggle with the management of it or cannot find stable employment to support themselves.

Most everyone uses a financial institution at some point in their life and when you take a deeper look inside these places, it is a fast paced, high value environment. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise there is a list of banks that make the most money per second.

This spiral graph from categorizes the top 30 banks in 5 subgroups to give us a clear understanding of the rankings. These companies on a larger scale manage accounts and finances larger than most of us can even fathom.

This report was developed by looking at the Forbes 2021 Global 2000 list to see which banks earned the most profit in 2021. After their annual profits were discovered, they then were divided by the number of seconds in a year.

The number one bank to make the most money per second in 2021 was ICBC which is located in China. They profited $1,452 per second which equals $125,452,800 in a 24-hour period. If we multiply that over 365 days, ICBC profited $4,579,027,200 for all of 2021.

JPMorgan Chase located in the United States came in second profiting $1,281 per second. Following close behind JP Morgan Chase was China Construction Bank with $1,246 per second.

To round out the list of 30, China also holds the 30th spot with $155 per second which equals $4,888,080,000 for the year of 2021.

To see these “small” numbers laid out in this chart doesn’t fully put this into perspective until you calculate out a whole day or even a year.

These financial institutions are making the majority of this profit off of the interest they charge their borrowers. This is fascinating to see because interest rates were reasonable during this time period.

The 30 Banks That Make the Most Money per Second

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