40 Amazing Cakes From Around the World

So many of us fell into the wonderful world of the Great British Baking Show along with countless other baking shows during the thick of the pandemic. It is easy to find joy in light competition, funny banter, and desserts and dishes that you wish would just pop out of the screen.

In watching these series that feature contestants from around the world, it is a privilege to witness creations from different cultures. Post watching these shows there was a bustle in kitchens like never before. Baking can be approachable due to its straightforward directions and almost foolproof design of most recipes.

You probably found yourself looking up similar recipes to give a try in your own kitchen with new confidence and enthusiasm. Even if a recipe fails, it is filled with lessons along with you slowing down and trying a new skill. Researching recipes to try can take you down a path of exploration of cultures you may not have had exposure to before.

This graphic from the team at howlongtocook.org outlines 40 cakes from around the world and each one is beautifully unique. There are cakes filled with cream cheese, red bean paste, jam, and other sweet and savory items. Some have several layers while others have single layers packed with flavors and textures. An advanced take on a cake that was interesting are ones created with layers of puff pastry. Baking and creating with this complex method is a more challenging style of baking, but would be absolutely worth the effort.

Whether you are a beginner or have become a more advanced baker since starting, it is a skill worth having. It allows you to tap into your creative side while producing something that can be shared with those around you.

The hope is that this extensive list can inspire new creations in your home and to help share love and comfort with others.

40 Amazing Cakes From Around the World

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