40 Famous Rice Dishes That Are Served Around the World

Scientists believe that rice could be over 130,000,000 years old. Originally it was spread as a wild grass through the supercontinent Gondwanaland, which would become Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.

Migration of the Chinese and Vietnamese around 3400 BC brought in rice to the Philippines. There are many different types of rice. Asian rice or Oryza sativa, is one of the world’s oldest types of rice crop. It alone has tens of thousands of different varieties around the world. The other two major types of rice are known as japonica and indica. The rice used for making Sushi is a type of japonica, while Basmati and other long-grain rices are of the indica variety.

This visualization of 40 famous rice dishes from around the world shows an abundance of creativity across each dish. I am sure you have already tried some of the staples on this graphic like the Risotto from Italy, or the Paella from Spain or Sushi from Japan. Here is a list of 30 other famous rice dishes you can try:

  • Indian rice dish: Biryani
  • Indian rice pudding: Kheer
  • Brazilian rice stew: Galinhada
  • Vietnamese rice dish: Xôi ngũ sắc
  • Spanish rice dish: Paella
  • Indonesian fried rice dish: Nasi goreng
  • Japanese rice roll: Sushi
  • Japanese rice soup: Chazuke
  • Korean rice bowl: Bibimbap
  • Thai fried rice: Pad kra pao
  • Italian rice dish: Risotto
  • Cajun rice dish: Jambalaya
  • West African rice stew: Jollof rice
  • South African rice dish: Geelrys
  • Puerto Rican rice dish: Arroz con gandules
  • Portuguese rice pudding: Arroz doce
  • Iranian rice dish: Tahdig
  • Greek rice dish: Melitzanopilafo
  • Afghan rice dish: Kabuli pulao
  • Belgian rice pie: Rijsttaart
  • English rice dish: Kedgeree
  • Jordanian rice dish: Mansaf
  • Filipino rice pudding: Champorado
  • Peruvian rice dish: Juane
  • Chinese rice porridge: Congee
  • Chinese rice breakfast: Ci fan tuan
  • Egyptian national dish: Kushari
  • Colombian rice dish: Arroz de lisa
  • Mexican rice beverage: Horchata
  • Creole rice dish: Dirty rice

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40 Rice Dishes That Are Served Around the World Infographic

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