55 Street Foods from Around the World

All around the world, the one universal thing that connects people is food. From Argentina to the shores of North Carolina, the thing that without a doubt in my mind connects us all regardless of walk of life is some great food.

Not just any food, though- street food is in a class of its own! I’ve had the luck to try street food from many different countries and styles of cooking, and this list from How Long to Cook calculators runs down 55 of the most beloved from around the world.

The fun thing about street food is that whatever you’re craving- the street vendors likely have it! Whether you are starving and you need something heartier, you’d like to grab a quick bite, or your sweet tooth is screaming at you- you can likely find it on the street! Nothing beats having the street food in the country that does it best, though. One of my favorite classic street foods I’ve had has always been Poutine- on a cold Canadian day this has always been my go-to.

Coming in a close second for my taste is a Banh Mi sandwich. I’ve never had a sandwich that was genuinely refreshing with all of the fresh vegetables that are traditionally used to top the sandwich. You can’t forget the spicy chili sauce that’s used- I still dream about it.

All in all, I do find myself to be a self-proclaimed foodie, so I was surprised when reading this list there were foods I’d never even heard of! My wife and I are planning our next trip, so I highly recommend it if you love food- peek at this list, maybe it will influence your destination!

One of the dishes that stood out to me was the Laboo. Laboo is an Iranian dish that combines the flavor of hot and sweet. They are steamed beets that they also serve with yogurt, and mainly seasonal.

That is now on my bucket list of delicious foods from around the world.

55 Street Foods from Around the World

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