7 Popular Old Wives’ Tales: Fact or Fiction?

While many of us grew up being told old wives tales by our parents as a way to keep us in line, it may be surprising that not all of them are actually true. In an infographic created by Australian website Compare the Market, a number of these old wives tales have been researched to not only determine their accuracy, but to identify the origins and how many of these small ‘fibs’ may have started.

The first tale studied was whether or not you can actually catch a cold from being cold, which has been proven false. Colds are indeed more common during the colder months, however rather than the temperature causing the symptoms, they are caused by people spending more time indoors and around others, providing the perfect opportunity for viruses to spread more easily.

Another common tale that you may have heard over the years relates to getting arthritis from cracking your knuckles, which is also false. The popping noise that one hears when cracking their knuckles is actually the sound of bursting air bubbles within the synovial fluid between joints.

Other old wives tales that have been proven false are the five second rule, urinating on a jellyfish sting to help with the pain, eating carrots to get night vision, and losing most of your body heat through your heat.

The only wives tale on Compare the Market’s list that has actually been proven true, is that chicken soup is good for a cold. While the warm liquid won’t actually cure your cold, it can be very useful in relieving symptoms. Chicken soup can be hydrating and easy on the throat than more solid food alternatives. The warm steam can also help to clear nasal mucous.

To see the full research behind each of the old wives tales mentioned in the infographic, please visit https://www.comparethemarket.com.au/health-insurance/old-wives-tales/

7 Popular Old Wives' Tales: Fact or Fiction?

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