7 Reasons to Vacation in Cabo

Cabo is one of the most beautiful and sought after vacation destinations on the planet. And for Travelers in North America, it is both easy and affordable to get to. This infographic explores 7 reasons to add Cabo as a must-visit destination for any upcoming vacations you are planning.

The 7 reasons to vacation in Cabo? The average temperature is 78º. The area has 350 to 360 days of sun per year. The Peso to USD exchange rate is 16 to 1. Clubs and bars often stay open to 3 or 4 a.m. Average flights from U.S. range from $386 to $507 depending on the time of the year. The area also features unique experiences, such as whale watching, and all-inclusive resorts, which can take the stress out of planning out your vacation.

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