8 Must-Try Foods in Israel

The best part of experiencing another country is having the chance to eat your way through the local cuisine.

In the case of Israel our most popular food is made up of both local dishes and a wide range of dishes that were brought to the country by Jews from the Diaspora, by immigrants or that were adopted and adapted from various styles of Arab cuisine. Many of our foods can be traced back to other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, whilst others come from further afield.

At Via Sabra we run a wide range of culinary tours in Israel, showcasing the best food the country has to offer, where the best produce comes from and how it’s prepared to visitors from around the world.

Over the past decade our food tour guides – frequently celebrity chefs or well-known foodies – have been doing just that and we like to think we have got an idea of what some of Israel’s most popular food is.

And thus, we present to you our list of eight must-try foods in Israel that every traveller should experience.

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8 Must-Try Foods in Israel

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