Impact of playing on child brain development

Why Playing is Crucial for Children’s Brain Development

“Children are natural scientists — they come into the world ready to experiment and learn through play. And they use what they discover to not only adapt the structure of their brains but also strengthen the skills they need to continue being engaged, flexible learners for their whole lives.” — The LEGO Foundation. Children need … Read more
waffles infographic

How Waffles Are Made Around the Globe

Around the world, waffles are enjoyed in many different ways, and depending on where you are, the toppings can be quite different. In the United States especially, people tend to enjoy having their waffles topped with things like whipped cream, fruit, chocolate chips and maple syrup. Meanwhile, over in Scandinavia, people tend to enjoy their … Read more
amazon vs etsy side hustle

Your Side Hustle Guide: Amazon vs. Etsy

Ready to start a side hustle selling online? Entrepreneurs looking to sell online have a lot of options on where or how they sell their products. The top platforms to start off when selling your products online are Amazon and Etsy. They have some of the largest customer bases and make starting your side hustle … Read more
business costs checklist infographic

A Checklist of Business Startup Costs

Getting your business off the ground takes more work than most new entrepreneurs think. New business owners often miss expenses that incur while starting their business, which can leave new entrepreneurs in sticky situations and can compromise their business’s future and longevity. While startup costs can vary depending on the business and industry, we suggest … Read more
scale saas with seo

How to Use Growth SEO to Grow Product Demos for Your SaaS Platform

SaaS is a growing industry and will continue to do so in the future. Product demos can help these companies close leads, but these demonstrations need to be shared with the right leads. Many SaaS companies use product demos, and they are one of the most popular calls to action. It is important to set … Read more
most profitable small business ideas

The 15 Most Profitable Small Businesses

Ready to start your small business, but need a little inspiration? When starting a business money is top of mind. Starting a business venture that is profitable is key to determining your future earning potential. We put together a list of the small businesses to start that have high-profit potential. Accounting and related services. Automotive … Read more
boomer businesses great wealth transfer

Boomer Businesses: Shaping the Future of Wealth

Boomer owned businesses are thriving, as 2.3 million small businesses are owned by their generation. Almost 40% have been in operation for over ten years, and 75% are currently profitable. Baby boomers account for 40% of small business and franchise ownership in the US, with the top industries being services, retail, construction, and food. Americans … Read more
product led growth infographic

The SaaS Marketer’s Guide to Product Led Growth Marketing

Product marketing usually works for pre-sales, while growth marketing focuses on post-sales, but you can merge the two. This can be done through product-led marketing that focuses on growth. How does product growth marketing work and how can SaaS leaders implement it into their strategy? Follow these steps and use our infographic to walk you … Read more
top cities black entrepreneurs

Top Cities For Black Entrepreneurs

When starting a business location is everything. Even if your business is run 100% online, business owners should still consider their location for a number of reasons. To find the best cities for Black entrepreneurs we studied 100 of the most populated cities in America. The study analyzed the cost of living, the average revenue … Read more
digital future of small businesses

Small Businesses Are Planning For a Digital Future

Did you know that in 2020 Americans created 2.8 million more online microbusinesses than they did in 2019? With social distancing policies keeping customers at home, many businesses suffered extreme losses in their sales. As a result of this, 59% of small businesses had to lay off a substantial amount of their employees, and 30% … Read more