Live Sports Camera Positions and Responsibilities

When you watch live sports on TV have you ever wondered “How did they get that perfect replay?” This Infographic explains the standard camera positions and responsibilities of each during live sports action. We cover the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Horse Racing and Soccer…each is very different! Brought to you by
America's Sugar Addiction

America’s Sugar Addiction: We Love Our Sweets

America’s sweet tooth America has a sweet tooth. It’s no secret that the United States is one of the most obese countries in the world, and our addiction to sugar is largely to blame. In fact, the average American consumes around 150 pounds of sugar each year. That’s more than three times the recommended amount! … Read more

Why do People Not Vaccinate their Children? (Infographic)

There are many reasons why people might refuse to vaccinate their children. One reason is the false claims that circulate on social media and other platforms about the dangers of vaccines. Some parents may also be fearful of potential side effects from vaccination, despite assurances from health professionals that these are rare. Others may believe … Read more