richest sports team-owners top 30

The Wealthiest Sports Team Owners

Around the world, in sports leagues all over, sports teams are owned by notable millionaires and billionaires. However, who are the richest owners in sports? At Madison Trust, there’s a new infographic from their research team that shows off who the richest sports owners in the world are, specifically ranking through the top 30. Per … Read more
mobile phone usage 2022 stats

Mobile Phone Trends And Statistics, the USA’s No 1 phone trade-in site has produced some interesting statistics around Mobile Phone ownership and usage. The data looks at people’s day to day use of mobile phones and smartphones and how they affect everyday life. The infographic looks at how much time adults, parents and children spend using mobile phones and … Read more
Amish people in Pennsylvania

Amish People: Who Are The Amish?

Who are the Amish People? The Amish, or as they were formally known, the Old Order Amish, are a group of Anabaptist Christians who are closely related to the Mennonites. The Amish community is known for their plain dress, simple living, avoidance of technology, and Christian pacifism. Many of us may already know that Amish … Read more

The Brain of a Serial Killer

We all know some of the most famous names, such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy, but what is a serial killer? By definition, a serial killer is a person who kills three or more persons in three or more separate incidents, with a cooling period in between the killings. Serial killers … Read more
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Death

Facts About Death – 15 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Death

15 bizarre facts about death Death is a morbid topic. Yet it’s one that fascinates many people. Probably because death is an experience that everyone will face at one point or another. So, why not take some time and learn 15 bizarre facts about death. They cover a wide range of topics from Chinese funerals … Read more
most popular celebrity fragrances

The Most-Sold Celebrity Fragrances in the World

It’s been since the 1980s when fragrances and perfumes endorsed by celebrities have been popular. It’s Sophia Loren who is most commonly credited with being the one who created the very first celebrity fragrance. In 1981, she released her perfume called “Sophia,” which was created with Coty, a legendary fragrance company. It was this product … Read more
Time tracking remote employees with facial recognition explained in an infographic

Why Time Tracking Helps Remote Employees

By 2025, at least 1 in 5 workers will be remote. Remote work is here to stay for millions of people in America. For some, this is news worth celebrating. Remote workers report being 22% happier and 30% more productive at work from their home office. For some remote workers, however, the transition has been … Read more
Online engagement virtual events

Keeping Your Online Events Engaging

COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on how we attend events and communicate with each other. Traditional travel is becoming less and less appealing to more and more people as the digital alternative becomes cheaper, faster, and more convenient. Over 70% of physical events went hybrid or entirely virtual during the pandemic, and many are … Read more
How scents link to emotions

How Scents Can Be Linked to Specific Nostalgic Memories and Emotions

Smell, memory, and emotion are all so closely related inside of our brains. I can remember being 8 years old visiting my grandparents in Florida for Christmas. The smell of their condo was a mixture of ocean, salt and my Grandma’s holiday pie. She always used a lot of cinnamon in her pies and the … Read more
Guide to bedding

How Often Should You Change Your Sheets: The Truth on Bedsheets

Wash your sheets once a week. It’s one of the most common pieces of sanitary advice given to adults and kids alike. The buildup of dandruff, dirt, and general grime is simply unavoidable, and resting in it for hours at a time makes it easy to see why cleaning sheets is essential. The question still … Read more