A Complete History of Crayola Crayon Colors

Crayola is the introduction to the art world for kids across the U.S. It’s estimated that kids will use an incredible average of 730 crayons by the time they turn 10! Crayola is clearly a driving force in giving kids a creative spark. They started producing crayons in 1903, starting their legacy with a set of 8 colors. Since then, the brand has boomed, remaining beloved over the decades as they produced over 400 shades of crayons. The team at AAA State of Play decided to celebrate this childhood icon by creating a graphic depicting every single color of crayon that Crayola has ever produced.

The graphic encompasses Crayola’s current crayon run, which includes 120 colors, as well as the many special edition sets of colors that have come out over the years. You might remember glitter crayons or neon crayons or even scented crayons from trends in decades past. Best of all, this graphic combined with Crayola’s own color charts can inspire crayon collectors of all ages. Some of the discontinued crayons can be really hard to track down. But intrepid collectors like Richard Gwynn have found a way to complete their collections. Crayola’s rarest crayon is a shade labeled “Torch Red.” It’s since been renamed as “Scarlet.” Richard Gwynn managed to track down this prized Torch Red crayon in a big bag he found at a thrift store.

Crayola was originally known as Binney & Smith. Their original box of eight crayons included red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, and black. You can still find small Crayola sets that reflect the original today. Or you can go big and buy the expansive 120 crayon set! Scan the chart and check off how many crayons you have. Do you have a favorite color or name?

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