A Visual Guide to the Record Breaking Global 7500 Private Jet

This Infographic by Vistajet showcases the impressive performance capabilities and luxury cabin features of the record breaking Global 7500 private jet.

The Global 7500 jet has a record breaking speed of 0.925 Mach (708mph) the equivalent to three times the speed of an F1 car. The private jet has a range of 14,260km enabling 17 hours of flight without a fuel stop. This range would allow the aircraft to go round the F1 track Circuit de Monaco 4273 times and an F1 race around the track is only 78 laps!

The performance capabilities don’t stop there, as the aircraft has a maximum altitude of 51,000ft (1.75 x the altitude of Mount Everest) which makes it a smoother journey for passengers with less turbulence and a more economical journey with the thinner air enabling the aircraft to move faster and burn less fuel.

The cabin of the Global 7500 spans 54.5ft, the longest industry cabin length (the length of three Rolls Royce Phantoms). Compared to the Gulfstream 650er with a cabin length of 46.83ft and the Dassault Falcon 8X with a 42.7ft cabin length. The cabin has four large living spaces including the club suite that has ten seats, four beds and space to dine three abreast. The large windows (80% larger than the Global 6000) give the aircraft an array of natural light and the soleil lighting system helps passengers combat jet lag as it mimics the destinations timezone. Further luxurious features include the Nuage seat which gives extraordinary comfort and support and the Pur Air System refreshes cabin air every 90 seconds eliminating virus particles.

Every experience on Vistajet’s Global 7500 comes with a dedicated hostess who have been trained by the British Butler Institute and have undergone sommelier training.

The Global 7500 is a world leading aircraft in the private jet industry and offers a luxury experience that passengers will never forget.

Record Breaking Global 7500 Private Jet

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