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When creativity meets technology, the result is undeniable, and there are no limits to your success. With infographics, businesses, websites, and brands can now communicate even the most complex information quickly, clearly, and with ease. Infographics Archive is here to take your business or brand to the next level.

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Our unique set of skills makes engagement with your audience more effortless than ever. Thus, you can communicate effectively. Infographics Archive is not your regular company. We focus on your business needs and use our expertise to create customized infographics solutions to handle your most significant challenges. We love what we do, and we are excellent at it. Infographics Archive has got you covered. Get to know us!

Who Are We?

We are an infographic archive for people who want to submit their infographics to our website. Infographics Archive is a team of designers, programmers, and content creators who have a strong passion for everything related to infographics.

Since being founded in 2011, we have been an archive for businesses. We help them to display their innovative and exciting infographics across all fields. Consequently, we distribute them on our popular social media channels.

How We Serve You

  • Develop
    Tell us about your ideas and watch us transform it.
  • Delight
    We give marketers a pleasant experience on our platform by making the submission process easy.
  • Delivery
    We submit unique infographics related to your niche on the web. Thus, we deliver online marketing results that boost your SEO.
  • Drive
    Since we know the value of infographics as an asset, we provide all the tools and content your need to drive engagement for your brand.

Mission Statement

To help businesses of any size submit their infographics with ease and optimize their visual content. We understand that infographics attract visitors to a place, engage visitors better, and allow a company to create its brand identity. Therefore, we want to become an integral part of our customer’s success by optimizing infographics’ submission process on the web.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading platform for the submission of infographics. By collaborating with brands, we will help them achieve their content marketing strategies’ objectives and become the undisputed best in our field.

Core Values

At Infographics Archive, we conduct our business based on the following core values.

  • Warmth
    We are here to create memorable moments. As good hosts, we ensure we maintain a user-friendly platform and friendly customer support. Our platform is driven by positive energy, and we support ethical initiatives.
  • Trust
    We are transparent in all our conducts, and we do not take advantage of anyone. Clients enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee if the infographic submission is not approved.
  • Innovation
    We breathe new life into brands through our wide variety of services. We think outside the box, and maintain a personalized approach and help your brand stand out online.
  • Excellence
    You can rely on us because we always deliver. We have a team of experts who have been in the industry for over a decade. Infographics Archive is committed to serving you in the best capacity. We remain accountable through clear communication and commitment.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among Competitors?

  • Quality
    We are considered as one of the best infographic collection websites. Since being founded in 2011, we have risen through the ranks and attained a top 100K position on Alexa ranking.
  • Our Culture
    We communicate clearly and in simple terms. also, we maintain a culture of excellence that makes it easy for clients to use our platform and we support you at every step of the way.
  • Commitment
    We are a trusted website because we have put in hard work to build our reputation. Infographics Archive is committed and passionate about achieving our vision. Since we are adored globally, clients can enjoy massive exposure to their native market and gain insights on how to beat other rivals.

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Infographics is a rapidly expanding area for marketers and businesses seeking to optimize their strategy. Thus, investing in an archive that makes your submission easier is instrumental in your brand’s success. Your efforts would not go unrewarded because, in due time, you would reap the benefits.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from infographics. However, the effect is more profound for small businesses. Clients can create brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive conversions because infographics make content marketing much more effective. Infographics Archive is excited to take you to the next level.

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Content marketing is evolving, and infographic marketing is taking center stage. Graphics created once can be shared a million times on social media platforms, emails, or on an infographic websites like ours.

Join thousands of businesses all over the world today to invest in infographics. Infographics Archive will help you establish your brand as an authority and leave a lasting impression on the market. Do you need more exposure? Do you want to get noticed more often? What are you waiting for? Get in touch for all your inquiries or comments.

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Meet our team!

Lukas Halim is the owner / operator of infographics archive. He has a long-standing interest in data visualization, providing free Tableau training materials at LearningTableau.com and teaching two top-selling Tableau courses on Udemy. You can contact him on LinkedIn.

Sebastiaan is the founder of Infographics Archive. He created this website with the sole focus of collecting the best infographics on the internet. Career-wise, Sebastiaan has also been an online marketing consultant for over 20 years. He is a proud husband, father, and family man. In late 2022, Lukas sold Infographics Archive to Lukas Halim.

Until 2023, Jessica was in chart of the website, handling back office and business administrative duties. Jessica is the mom of two adorable kids.