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Adderall Addiction: Stimulant Abuse and Prevention

Adderall is considered the number one treatment option for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It’s prescribed for children, adolescents, and adults.

Adderall pills and capsules can look different, depending on the type and dose. AddictionResource authors created a useful infographic to show these differences. It goes without saying that Adderall must be taken as prescribed so you don’t overdose or underdose.

Any type of prescription drugs should be used with caution. Adderall may be safe when taken at recommended doses. But when a person starts taking a higher dose or using the pills more often, they become exposed to health risks.

Adderall may have side effects and be habit-forming. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop people from its illicit use. In fact, it’s the most popular study drug among students all over the country.

Prescription stimulant abuse is a frequent issue on high school and college campuses. But what may be a surprise to those who take Adderall illegally is that it can actually undermine academic performance if someone doesn’t suffer from ADHD. So, a person may not get the desired effect but end up experiencing some side effects. It’s better to completely avoid taking prescription drugs without medical supervision, no matter how harmless that small tablet may seem.


Adderall Addiction: Stimulant Abuse and Prevention

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