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Addiction Treatment for Families

When it comes to receiving addiction treatment in a rehab center, parents often have worries and even downright fears listed in the following infographic.

This is especially true for mothers with children. Some women are constantly postponing enrolling in a rehabilitation center because they think their children might be taken away. A delay in addressing the problem can result in a whole array of problems, including health issues, job loss, reduced self-worth and self-esteem, ruined family ties and friendships, risky or criminal behaviors, overdose, and death.

AddictionResource authors say programs can do little to overcome barriers created by the patient and society, but the opportunities are valuable once women reach treatment. Family-based residential treatment facilities can be the best option. They allow parents and children either to remain together or have frequent visits.

Family residential programs offer such special services as parent education, early childhood programming, onsite child care, parent-child therapy, case management, and more. Experience has shown that women who were allowed either to stay in treatment facilities with their children or have frequent visitation were more likely to complete treatment and faced lower risks of having their children removed from them.

Addiction Treatment for Families

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