Adobe Illustrator vs Canva for Infographics

What’s the best software to create high quality infographics?

Adobe Illustrator Best for Professional Designers

I asked an expert – Fahad Hossain. Fahad is a full-time graphics designer, with clients including Cigna, Target, Logitech. Thomson Reuters, and Century 21 Real Estate. He’s a top rated service provider on Fiverr. When I asked Hossain what software he uses to create infographics he explained, “I do not use Canva for creating/designing infographic images due to design limitations. I do use Adobe Illustrator to design the infographic images and therefore I can send you AI, PDF, JPEG and PNG file of the infographic image.” But he did go on to admit that Adobe Illustrator takes long to learn. As he put it, “Actually, for the startup people Canva is good but for the professional designers adobe illustrator is the best.”

As you can see, Adobe Illustrator can has more output formats available and more advanced editing features. It’s advanced features make it the tool of choice for professional designers. It is a desktop application, so you can use it without an internet connection.

Disadvantages of Adobe Illustrator

However, Adobe Illustrator is about 60% more expensive than Canva. And there’s a downside to Adobe Illustrators advanced design features and flexibility – all of those features take time to master, and so Adobe Illustrator takes longer to learn than Canva. Hence, Fahad commented that Canva might be a better choice for people who are just getting started in graphic design.

5 Reasons Adobe Illustrator is Better than Canva

5 Reasons Adobe Illustrator is Better than Canva

Fahad Hossain created this infographic, and he’s created hundreds more infographics on Fiverr using Adobe Illustrator.

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