An Easy Guide to Marijuana Legalization

Attitudes and laws toward marijuana have changed a lot in the past decade. As cultural norms shifted, laws changed too, but the results can be really confusing. Every state in the U.S. has its own views on when marijuana can be used, how much you can possess, and how much you can grow. Luckily, this map makes the law easy to navigate. Looking at the laws by region, you might notice some trends, and maybe some laws will even surprise you. Do you notice any political differences, regional trends, or wildly different laws between neighbors? Seeing color-coded legalization is a great way to visualize the current culture and views on marijuana use around the country.

At a glance, you can see that only Idaho and Nebraska have completely outlawed marijuana. Many states allow use with a medical prescription, and around the same number have decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana. Marijuana users traveling between states should definitely check local law before they head out.

Even in states that have decriminalized marijuana, you need to be aware of their specific regulations to indulge safely. Hover over each state to find out how much marijuana you can legally possess, how many plants you can own, and other important information that all enthusiasts need to know. You might be surprised to learn that one state has drastically different possession laws to its neighbor.

Scroll down below the map for information on states that have allowed medical marijuana. Only certain conditions qualify for a prescription. also provided information on what you might need to buy weed legally, like identification, age restrictions, and other laws. Now that weed is legal in so many locations, it’s best to study up on the rules and enjoy it without the stress of breaking laws. 

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