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An in-depth guide to Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer

Canadian Affair has just released their new infographic all about the Rocky Mountaineer Train and the plethora of stunning journeys it offers. Titled ‘An in-depth guide to Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer’, the infographic and accompanying article takes a deep look into the rich history of this Canadian icon and what it has offered its guests over its 30-year history.

The in-depth infographic discovers a little more about the journeys you can experience, titled ‘The First Passage to The West’, ‘Rainforest to Gold Rush’ and ‘Journey Through The Clouds’. Not only does the article explore the journeys, but it also looks into the experiences you can enjoy onboard the train. From Glass Dome Coaches to locally inspired cuisine, there is so much to learn.

A visit to Canada isn’t complete without a trip onboard the Rocky Mountaineer, find out more about your upcoming trip in this detailed infographic.

An in-depth guide to Canada's Rocky Mountaineer

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