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Anatomy of The Best Running Shoes (Infographic)

While choosing the best running shoes – especially online – you might get overwhelmed by a series of terms with no apparent meaning: upper unit, last, medial post, shank, heel drop…

This infographic puts it all into perspective, explaining in a clear and visual way what each part of a running shoe is called.

First off, your shoe is split into 2 main sections – Upper and Sole Unit. Each of these have several components which all work together to create your ideal ride.

What running shoes should i buy?

There are different kinds of athletic footwear, which adjust to different individuals with different operating objectives. How to choose the right running shoes for you? The choices are unlimited when it comes to shoe-wear design.

We can consider footwear as being wheels for our feet. Good running shoes are very light and versatile, they provide support and assistance to bring more balance for the base.

Furthermore, footwear can be developed for off-road tracks, which might go through the hills and can lead the sprinter to excellent and picturesque opinions.

There are running shoes that come with an improved and much more competitive outsole. Shoes with a strengthened framework that offer a higher balance for the runner’s legs.

Always pay attention to what your body has to say! In case of need be sure, check with your physician.

Read the rest of the infographic before you read a review: now you’ll know the anatomy of the best running shoes!


Anatomy of The Best Running Shoe (Infographic)

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