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What to do if you found a baby raccoon?

Newborn raccoons can’t forage for food when they are born. They remain tucked in the next while their mom goes out to forage for food. She needs food to produce milk for her young. After 12 weeks, the babies will be old enough to roam around. They become independent after 8 to 12 months.

Found a baby raccoon?

If you bump into one in your property, check for the following:
• Is it injured or bleeding?
• Is the head tilted?
• Is the newborns coat matted or patched?
• Did you spot the dead mother?

What to do if you found an abandoned baby raccoon?

Secure the baby  in a warm, dark, cardboard box. Add a towel or t-shirt for warmth. Don’t feed the raccoon, and contact your local wildlife rehabilitator.

via raccooncontrol.ca

What to do if you found a baby raccoon

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