Around the World in 50 Cheeses

Whether you pretend your lactose and tolerance does not exist or you can actually tolerate it, cheese is a love language. It is a food that can be added to almost any main meal and snack and it simply elevates the experience.

Cheese can be created with a variety of animal milks and also with plant-based products. The plant-based products put forth their best effort to create a product that is close to the real deal, but if you can tolerate it, nothing comes close to the rich and original taste.

This pretty cheese graphic is a wonderful snapshot of 50 types of cheeses from around the world and would make a lovely addition to any die-hard cheese fan’s kitchen. Cheeses that are made from animal milk have variations that have been perfected over many years. Some are soft, hard, semi-hard, medium-hard, and sometimes evolve from a soft to hard and are enjoyed at all stages of its aging process.

In the Philippines the cheese Kesong Puti is unaged, soft and is made from the milk of one of three animals. The Kesong Puti can be made with milk from goats, cows, or carabaos which are water buffalos.

You can find a semi-soft Oka cheese from Canada that has a washed-rind. Oka was first produced by Trappist monks and is one of Canada’s more recognizable cheese products.

A cheese that is known for its pungent smell and is a specialty of Egypt is Rumi. Rumi is one of the main cheeses of Egypt and can also vary in saltiness depending on its age.

Italy produces Asiago which can either be smooth or crumbly depending on its age. This love of cheese is beautifully laid out and takes you on a journey of exploration.

Cheese will continue to be the passion of people no matter their location or preferences and thankfully there are so many varieties to cut into.

Around the World in 50 Cheeses

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