Attention Span Statistics and Student Techniques to Improve Focus

Over the past few years, the average attention span has shown a sharp decline. Experts blame a range of factors like, social media, advertising, and excess screen time. The team at Brainscape had an interest in fighting these flagging attention spans since they’re a study app. They aimed to help their students build up longer attention spans and better focus for studying and the data here shows that they were successful!

In 2024, the average person’s attention span was less than a minute. The average span was 0.67 minutes. This is a strong contrast with the average study session length on Brainscape’s app, which was around 14 minutes in 2024. In fact, Brainscape’s users have averaged longer and longer study sessions over time. It jumped from 9.4 minutes in 2015 to this year’s 14.4 minute sessions. Their study time curve is running in the opposite direction to the general public’s attention span. The team also found that female users studied even longer than men, with an average of 15.1 minute study sessions.

So, what makes these Brainscape users special? We know that the brain can be exercised like our muscles so our mental capacity can increase. The team at Brainscape credits their students’ success to the features and qualities they employ on the app. These include:

  • Spaced Repetition – Repeat exposure to concepts broken down into parts.
  • Active Recall – Retrieving information from memory.
  • Metacognition – Self-reflection on understanding of a concept.
  • Accessibility of study tools – Convenient time and access to tools improves study habits.
  • Visible progress – Encourage learning with clear progress.

The students who use Brainscape are serious about improving their mental abilities so it’s no surprise their attention spans are better than the average person. The most important thing Brainscape’s graphics show is that it is totally possible to improve your attention span and rise above the general trends.

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