Do You Own a Louis Vuitton Piece? The Answer Might Surprise You

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30 Ways That Playing Helps Build Confidence in Children

“More time playing means more time engaging your imagination, actively exploring options and making choices while developing the resilience, independence, confidence and coping mechanisms needed to thrive in a constantly changing world.” ~ Rebecca Tortello and Robert Jenkins, UNICEF. A child’s sense of confidence begins developing quite early on and is influenced day by day. … Read more

What Are the Best-Selling Young Adult and Children’s Books in History?

Children’s books hold a special place in many people’s hearts, from kids to adults alike. Classics like Heidi and Black Beauty have been favorites for more than 100 years, and newer titles like The Very Hungry Caterpillar have quickly become staples in bookshelves around the world. Which children’s and young adult books have sold the most copies worldwide? took sales … Read more