How Much Life Insurance Coverage People Are Most Likely to Get, By Age

Have you started thinking about life insurance policies? Have you already started investing in one? Even if you’re young, you may want to start thinking about your options. If you are healthy, you may get better rates in your 20s than when you get older. Investing in permanent life insurance rather than term life insurance … Read more

How Natural Ingredients Can Help You Focus

Did you know that in the professional world, 98% of the workforce is interrupted 3-4 times a day. Constant interruptions can make it difficult to regain focus and can lead to severe decreases in productivity during the work day. The digital distractions combined with added stress can interfere with the body’s circadian rhythms and disrupt … Read more

Planting Lettuce

When is the best time for “Planting Lettuce”? Although lettuce grows most easily in cool weather, each season has its own requirements, so select lettuce varieties that are adapted to the changing temperatures. So, when to grow lettuce and where to plant lettuce? What’s the best season for planting lettuce? Is it spring or summer … Read more

Understanding the Magnitude of Data Loss

When the Library of Alexandria burned in 48 BC, it changed the course of history forever. Irreplaceable knowledge of the ancient world disappeared off the face of the planet. Putting such knowledge in modern terms, it’s estimated that 571.4 gigabytes of data burned in the tragedy. Now consider data losses that happen almost daily in … Read more

Corporate Gift Giving: Fostering Relationships with Current and Future Clients

Did you know that corporate gift giving can lead to more successful business for brands. Due to the psychology behind gift giving, brands who regularly give gifts to their customers have a better chance of generating new leads and creating lasting loyalty with their clients.  Psychologist Carl Jung developed a personality theory that contributes to … Read more