Avoiding Health Insurance Denial

Few financial burdens are as crippling and unavoidable as hospital and health related bills. The risk of putting them off can be one’s life, but the costs can be staggering. It’s essential then that health insurance claims are understood and made responsibly. While there are many causes of health insurance denial, one of the most … Read more

Less Stress, More Subscriptions

Subscription-based business models are unique for their recurring payment structure, rather than the normal one-time expense that a purchase incurs. This means that the “subscribers”, or customers, are expecting consistent access to the service they are paying for while they continue to pay the subscription fee. This model has become more popular than ever since … Read more

How Much Smaller a Five Hundred Thousand Dollar House Has Become in the Past Five Years

The housing market is out of control. Mortgage interest rates have been continuously increasing for several years and listing prices are through the roof. What’s even worse is that inventory is in turmoil; there are barely any houses available nationwide and the houses that do become available are going for even above asking price. Some … Read more

Drug Addiction in Maine

Drug addiction is a serious problem in Maine, with rates of overdose and substance use disorder increasing in recent years. It is important to understand the reality of drug addiction in order to find hope and solutions. See this post to learn more about drug addition in Maine.