Goodrays CBD Gummies

Goodrays CBD gummies are a delicious and portable way to enjoy your therapeutic CBD on the go. Each tasty fruit-flavoured sweet packs 25mg of highest-grade CBD isolate- a purified form of cannabidiol with all other plant compounds filtered out. This means no THC, and no off-putting earthy smells or tastes. This purified form of CBD … Read more

Follow This Checklist If You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident

Akridge Chiropractic is a leading chiropractic care center located in Kennewick, Washington. For over 20-years, the founder of our practice, Dr. Scott Akridge, has been providing natural pain relief to local residents. Over the past couple of years, we have increased our focus to helping individuals who are suffering from injuries related to an automobile … Read more

Why Asphalt Recycling is So Important

Asphalt recycling matters more than ever, and as of December 2021, it is the most recycled material on Earth. Also known as bitumen, asphalt is a refined, solid-state petroleum made from distilling crude oil. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur are used to create this prized material, which is valued for its binding capabilities, structural … Read more

Opportunities Present in the Cannabis Job Market

The legalized marijuana market is growing rapidly across the US. In 2020, legal cannabis added 77,300 full time jobs. That’s a stunning 32% year-over-year gain. 26,000 of those jobs came in states with newly opened markets. Now that ⅓ of Americans live in states with legalized cannabis, support continues to rise for a nationwide legalization. By 2025, the … Read more

What Is a Doodle Video and How Do You Make One? (Beginner’s Guide)

The marketing industry is ever-changing, with new trends coming and going. One recent trend that has gained a great deal of momentum in recent years with no signs of slowing down is doodle videos. These quick, entertaining videos are everywhere and have been used by some of the largest companies for various reasons. So, today … Read more

How to Give Yourself a Free College Education Online

81% of people believe education is shifting to autodidacticism. That is, more people are becoming self-taught in part or whole. The shift is supported by the way in which the formal system of higher education has declined in popularity. College costs have tripled over the past generation, leading the average to spend 20 years paying off student … Read more

The Truth About Plant-Based Diets

We may be past resolution season, but people are still working to have healthier lifestyles including diets that make them feel better. Plant based diets are one of many ways to get your health under control. Eating more plants and limiting or eliminating animal products can lead to a decreased risk of cancer, heart disease, … Read more

Storytelling: Learning the Tools to Power Your Story

What is storytelling? Storytelling is a form of communication that uses stories to convey information or to entertain. It can be oral or written, and it often involves characters and a setting. Storytelling can be used to teach values or lessons, to tell a story of someone’s life, or to amuse an audience. Approximately 152 … Read more