Benefits of Organic Wine

Health Benefits of Organic Wine

Organic wines are made from organically grown grapes—without pesticides or any chemicals. And being organic, we can expect it’s safe for the body. Some of its known health benefits are anti-oxidant properties, prevention of coronary heart diseases, calming effects, anti-bacterial properties, and prevention of age related memory loss.

A unique compound found in red grapes known as resveratrol is the one responsible in preventing age related memory loss. And since organic wines average 32 percent higher resveratrol levels compared to conventional wines, it is expected to be more efficient in preventing age related memory loss.

And it’s not just the health benefits. Once we buy an organic wine, we’re also helping our planet. Imagine if majority of wine lovers prefer organic wine than conventional wine? This could push the development of organic farming, which is environment-friendly.


benefits of organic wine

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