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What’s the Best Thing About a Pandemic? – Pandemic Cocktails!

Have you heard about ready-to-drink cocktails?  It’s 2021!  We’ve just been through the worst pandemic in a hundred years, and being quarantined and stressed means that alcohol consumption is up and everyone is upping their home bartending game. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take much for us to find a reason to drink.  From every type of celebration to mourning every kind of heartache to just getting a craving for a frothy, local brew, it’s always “5 o’clock somewhere”, and now more than ever!   

In fact, from 2019 to 2020, alcohol consumption rose overall by 14% with the highest rises with millennials and Gen X’ers (19%), and women (17%). Forty-four percent of Americans also started buying alcohol online.  This brought the percentage of online alcohol purchases up by 243%, and instacart alcohol orders grew by more than 75%.  

As with any pandemic, naturally along with our increased appetite for alcohol, came the kind of creativity only alcohol could inspire in the form of new cocktails, or “Quarantini’s.” There’s the Kumquarantini; a mix of rye whiskey, kumquat syrup, lemon juice, saffron liquor, and egg white.  The Kombuch Quarantini combines gin, kombucha, and blackberries; and of course, the Charmin Quarantini which contains vodka, cointreau, lime juice, simple syrup, and cranberry liqueur.  

It’s interesting to know, however, that ours isn’t the only pandemic to produce creative cocktails. In fact, the Spanish flu of 1918 gave us the Corpse Reviver with gin, cointreau, Lillet Blonde, lemon juice, and Absinthe.  Then there’s the Penicillin Cocktail consisting of blended Scotch whisky, lemon juice, honey syrup, ginger, and Islay single malt Scotch.  The Medicina Latina, with Mezcal, honey ginger syrup, and lime juice, is also a product of the Spanish flu era.  

Cocktails are part of our history and our present, but where will they be in the future? One futuristic product, which is already available and growing, is the ready-to-drink cocktail by Cooloo. In 2020, ready-to-drink cocktails grew by 43%.  Why?  …Because we’re drinking more at home, because we like convenience, and because these cocktails are delicious!  By 2024, ready-to-drink is expected to make up 20% of alcoholic e-commerce.  

If you haven’t tried ready-to-drink by now, it’s time to join the party!

The history and future of cocktails

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