Brand Advocacy and Iced Coffee

Thanks to social media, a marketer’s job is much more difficult than it was 10 years ago. The number of channels has multiplied, and consumers are much more adept at tuning out traditional advertising. With marketing focused much less on traditional metrics of reach or “eyeballs,” it’s about participation with a brand and how that translates into personal recommendations. We call this “brand advocacy.”

Brand advocacy encompasses a broad range of levels of participation with a brand. In many cases, this can translate into direct sales. Think of the last time a friend recommended a new product; it went a lot further with you than the last radio ad you heard, didn’t it? A friend’s influence on a purchasing decision, whether it’s a Facebook friend, real-world friend or both, is inherently more powerful than passively reading an advertisement.

We’ve been looking at this issue extensively to examine the impact of these personal acts of brand participation. Today, we’re debuting a monthly series to illuminate this issue for a variety of consumer products.

This month, with the midsummer heat bearing down on us, we looked at iced coffee brands. We asked 500 men and 500 women which coffee chain is on their minds this month, and what they would be willing to do for it (tweet about it, recommend it to a friend, etc.).

We then asked respondents about their willingness to participate with their favorite iced coffee brand – would they be willing to “Like” the brand on Facebook? Leave a review on its website? Consider moving to live closer to where they could get their coffee? We listed several options that ran the gamut of brand loyalty/participation (see chart below), and allowed respondents to select as many options that applied.

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  1. I find this interesting. I do like iced coffee, however, I do not prefer one brand over the other.

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