Building a Sustainable Future

This infographic ‘Building a Sustainable Future’ explains some of the reasons why resimercial design has become so popular. It also explains how your company can implement this new trend.

Rows of cubicles and drip-coffee machines are office design relics of the past. Companies are finding that tastes are changing and people want their office to be comfortable in order to compete with the growing trend of working from home.

To celebrate Earth Day, The Global Furniture Group wanted to highlight its commitment to environmental stewardship and green manufacturing. This information is published in our environmental reports every year. This year we wanted to make a more user-friendly way for our audience to digest it.

The end result was our 8 ways Global Furniture Group is building a sustainable future. Ranging from our end of life management best practices, commitment to emissions reduction as well as our focus on local manufacturing (rather than making everything overseas)

For the design, we opted for a mix between graphics as well as personal photos to highlight the people behind Global Furniture Group‘s good work. For colors, we opted for the dominant brand blue coupled with green to fit the theme. The end result is an infographic that both informs and entertains.

Building a Sustainable Future