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Business creation in France in 2018

New laws by French president Emmanuel Macron helped a lot of business creations in 2018. French entrepreneurs set up 19% more companies last year if we compare them with the 2017 data from the French economic institute INSEE.

The president set a law to offer unemployment insurance for people willing to quit their jobs and start a new company.

More than half of those creations are small companies: individual business and microenterprise (self-employment without any employee). Those types of companies are created by young entrepreneurs: almost half of the self-employment businesses are done by creators below 29 years old. And a lot of those businesses and the individual type are made by women.

Guyana, the region of Paris (île de France), Normandie and Provence are the 4 regions where the increase is the biggest. Guyana, with an increase of 35%, benefits from investments from the construction and services sectors.

via annonces-legales.org

Business creation in France in 2018