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10 things you shouldn’t include in your email campaign

We’ve all been there, a marketing email has landed in our inbox with spelling errors, poor layout or broken links and none of which do much for the credibility of the sender. The easiest and most probably thing to happen will more often than not be you reaching for the “unsubscribe” button before putting it in the trash can.
But what if you’re the one sending a marketing email?
If you’re just about to embark on your first email campaign and you’re keen to make sure everything is perfect, there’s a few things to consider before jumping in. Citipost Mail have put together this rather informative infographic that will definitely help you nail down the fundamentals of email marketing, all of which can help you turn an OK campaign into a great one. From using “no-reply” email addresses to image/text ratios and everything in between, you’ll be surprised what can affect the success rate of a campaign.
10 things you shouldn't include in your email campaign

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