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How To Master Meetings Like a Boss

How To Master Meetings…Like a Boss

Few of us love meetings, who hasn’t, at one time or another, had to struggled to stay awake during a two hour meeting. Personally I dislike attending meetings that are unproductive. Inspiration for CBTS to put together this infographic on how to master meetings, like a boss!

CBTS says that the workplace is more collaborative than ever, but inefficient meetings can sabotage productive employees.

Time commitment and cost of meetings

Approximately 12 hours of a 40-hour work week are spent preparing for and attending meetings. Status meetings alone take up 30% of the average US worker’s week! Basically you’re wasting a lot of time at work according to this Atlassian (Infographic).

8 Biggest Meeting Pet Peeves

  • 76% Unnecessary meetings
  • 59% Meeting not staying on topic
  • 58% Repetition of what already said
  • 51% People taking calls in the middle of the meeting
  • 33% Responds to work emails
  • 24% Eat lunch
  • 22% Check personal emails
  • 17% Use the restroom

Ineffective communication

Many workers experience frustrations in working with teams in multiple locations. For example: communicating with the team and keeping everyone in the loop.

Wrong tech can ruin meetings

According to CBTS the wrong tech makes meetings even worse. In this infographic they explain how tech can ruin your meetings and how to avoid this. Most workers believe that good tech solutions will reduce stress significantly.

Are you stressed at work? Take a look at this infographic and find out how to stay stress free in the workplace:  Top Tips To Staying Stress Free In The Work Place.

How to be a good boss?

If you are one of those managers that needs to organize meetings, I suggest you take a look at this interesting infographic ‘How to be a good boss‘ for some tips on how to avoid being one of the bad ones. Good bossed get more from their employees than bad bosses.

How to master meetings like a boss

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