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Infographic: The Perks of Working From Home

Most of the time, you love your car, but if you’re like most drivers, chances are that sometimes you wish you could spend a little less time behind the wheel. Commuting time in the US is at an all-time high as congestion worsens and traffic becomes a problem in many major cities. The vast majority of commuters drive to work alone, which just adds to the problem of having too many cars on the road. If you’ve ever felt like pounding your fist on the steering wheel while you sit in traffic to and from your office, you’re probably not alone. So imagine if you never had to commute again—telecommuter or remote positions are becoming more and more numerous as technology expands to give employees an opportunity to efficiently work off-site. If you’ve ever worked from home, you know the luxury of conducting business in your pajamas without having to worry about making the drive to the office. Working from home saves you money spent on gas, and cutting out the commute also helps out the environment, but working from home has another advantage—studies show that employees who regularly work from home are healthier, happier, and generally better workers.

The following infographic takes a look at why a little telecommuting might help everyone out.

Brought to you by Carinsurance.org.

Brought to you by Carinsurance.org

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  1. I wonder how my hubby could deliver mail from home… lol. If only it was possible for everyone.

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