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Who Will Dominate Ecommerce- Alibaba or Amazon?

There are several similarities and differences between the business models of Amazon and Alibaba, but figures and statistics, and their expansion plans lead us to one conclusion- these two are out to battle and dominate each other’s markets.

A company’s customer base, GMV, profit, stock etc. decide its worth and the competition. Competition, as in, who’s worth looking at as your competition.

Ecommerce is exploding, and people now prefer to shop online rather than going out and buying stuff themselves. It’s always been that way– if things come your way the way you want it, there’s nothing more you can ask for.

Amazon and Alibaba excel at selling a wide range of products that we can choose from, and spend massive amounts of money just to retain users and build a large customer base.

According to the infographic below from Ecommerce-Platforms.com, there are 310 million user accounts on Amazon and 493 million monthly users in Alibaba.

The difference in the number of potential internet users in the United States and China is prodigious.

Also, since Amazon takes care of fulfillment, the employee count of Amazon is 341,400 whereas Alibaba employs only 50,092 people.

Having penetration in many countries, Amazon has become a household name and is considered as one of the most preferred online shopping platforms in the world.

Alibaba, too, is having big plans and has started acquiring other companies such as Lazada for South-East Asia, to make it a familiar name in countries other than China. According to Forbes’ market value list, Amazon ranks #4 and Alibaba is at #12, and their brand values in billion dollars are 98.99 and 43.9 respectively.

Since 2014, Amazon has been dominating the list of Global Publicity Traded Internet Companies when it comes to Annual Revenue. Not only does Amazon surpass Alibaba, it has also managed to overtake other companies like Google, Facebook, eBay, and Yahoo!

Take a look at the infographic below by Ecommerce-Platforms.com to geek out on more stats.

Who Will Dominate Ecommerce- Alibaba or Amazon?

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