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Canon vs Nikon

When it comes to serious photography your either Canon or Nikon. There simply is no ‘Little Bit of Both’. Which one is best? Let’s get ready to Rumble!



  1. For compact cameras, I vote for Canon. I’ve had several compact cameras but I always have to have a Canon.

    Never had my own DSLR though so I couldn’t compare.

  2. I think the thing to really take home is that Canon and Nikon are both at the top compared to other brands and they generally deliver.

    If you look at someone of the greatest, most appreciated pictures throughout time you probably can’t tell specifically what cameras they were taken with. The artist behind the camera is the determining factor and you can ultimately create beautiful images with almost any camera. The difference in brands or even models has to do with increasing your chances of a good shot and making it easier to shoot in different situations.

    So it would be misleading to say that any camera or camera manufacturer is overall superior. You generally pay for extra features that make shooting and getting the image you want easier – for some people the value of doing more processing is worth using a “technically inferior” camera and for others the time saved is worth buying a “professional-grade” camera. In the end all that matters is the work you produce.

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