Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet

We’ve created this excellent candlestick pattern cheat sheet that will save you time and money. It’s perfect because you can download the candlestick cheat sheet pdf or print it and then use it to help recognize the different patterns during real-time trading. Yet, before you download the candlestick pattern cheat sheet, keep reading to learn … Read more

What Your Poop (and Pee) Tells About Your Health (Infographic)

What your poop says about your health – Sure it sounds gross, but paying close attention to your stool is important. Bowel habits, or a lack thereof, are strong indicators of overall digestive health. Changes in the shape, color, or texture of your poop can show signs of digestive issues, infection, and sometimes even cancer. … Read more

Bathroom Time! How Long Do You Spend In The Bathroom?

Though most of us don’t realize it, we spend a considerable amount of our lives in the bathroom as humans. And there’s no wonder with all the tasks that are done in this room of the house, from showing and shaving to brushing your teeth, applying makeup, and even cleaning the bathroom. There’s no doubt … Read more

Coffee Brewing Methods: 5 Coffee Brewing Guides Inspired by Lego

Getting into specialty coffee can seem intimidating at first. There aren’t just a thousand types of roast, there are all the different ways they can be ground. Not to mention the arguments about pre-ground vs grinding your own beans at home. It’s no wonder so many of us would just pop to a coffee shop … Read more

What To Eat During Pregnancy

It may sound cliché, but when you’re pregnant, you really are eating for two. While this doesn’t mean you need double the calories your entire pregnancy, it does mean you should be mindful of what you do eat. The truth is, what you eat has a big impact on the tiny baby that’s growing inside … Read more

Handwriting Psychology – You Are What You Write

While handwriting psychology may be controversial, it’s also fascinating – Discover how your style of writing might reflect who you are! The science of analyzing handwriting styles for personality traits is called graphology, and this practice has been around since the days of Aristotle. Today, it’s used for many purposes, such as understanding health and … Read more

How to Manage Diabetes? A 5-Step Lifestyle Guide (Infographic)

5-Step Lifestyle Guide to Managing Diabetes Infographic Diabetes management is more than just keeping your blood sugar levels within the recommended range. You must evaluate and watch your lifestyle to manage diabetes and prevent the disease from further affecting your health. For instance, exercise helps boost your insulin activity, so make sure to do a … Read more

Man Cave Ideas: How to Build the Ultimate Man Cave?

Are you in need of your own space and looking to build a man cave but not sure how it should look? It doesn’t have to feature sports memorabilia or deer heads on every wall, and there’s no need for sofas that take up half the room – unless, of course, that’s what you want! … Read more

How to Soundproof a Room (Infographic)

A home should serve as a peaceful and quiet reprieve from the noisy outside world. However, as the world continues to get busier, many find it hard to get away from all the racket. Perhaps you live near a noisy road or have neighbors who want to stay up and party all night. Or maybe … Read more

25 Ways to Learn Faster, Learn How to Memorize Things Fast

So much to learn, so little time. The folks at created this brilliant infographic explaining you how to learn faster. 25 techniques you can use to accelerate your learning and get much better, much faster. Let us know what you think! How to learn quickly So, how to learn fast? First things first, get your … Read more