The Next Great Pandemic (Infographic)

We’ve created this pandemic infographic because the next pandemic is coming and maybe sooner than we think! Throughout history, there have been many horrible pandemics. Pandemics that have plagued mankind, such as the black death, tuberculosis, cholera, smallpox, influenza, H1N1, malaria, and syphilis. And now the devastating coronavirus that has already cost more than a … Read more

How to Unblock a Toilet Without Using a Plunger

Here are some ways on how to unblock a toilet without using a plunger. A plunger can spread germs if you are not careful with what it touches. Even if it does not touch anything and you wave it around, the splash from the dirty liquids and materials that it worked on might be spread … Read more

Ultimate Google Ranking Factors Guide [Infographic]- 103 SEO Checklist

The Blue Oceans Group created an excellent SEO Checklist that consists of complete 103 Google’s ranking factors guide. SEO is the most powerful, super engaging and the best digital marketing tool for any businesses. Every blogger, marketers, YouTuber, SMEs or big enterprises can not expect growth by ignoring search engine optimization marketing into their business. … Read more

Are You Using Your Face Mask Correctly? (Infographic)

Learn everything you need to know about homemade face masks from our mask infographic. Most people are completely unaware of the proper procedures for PPE. This includes how to properly put on and take off a face mask so that it remains effective. Have you done any studying about the proper way to use a … Read more

11 Deadliest Viruses On Earth

It looks like a new deadly virus that’s trying to kill us originate somewhere in the world. Officials continue to announce the rapid spread of new COVID-19 infections and deaths around the world. The World Health Organization(WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other health organizations monitor the new coronavirus. There are many … Read more

20 Memory Techniques to Improve Your Learning

We’ve prepared an infographic that contains 20 memory techniques that will boost your memory and improve your leasrning. Following our simple lifehacks will improve your learning process and help you boost your grades. It contains advice regarding physical exercises, sleeping habits, and tips on how to work with the information you need to memorize. Most … Read more

Swimming Safety For Kids – Things Every Parent Must Know (Infographic)

Everyone loves playing in the water, especially kids. These little buddies love splashing in the water and will stay in there if given a chance. Playing in the water may seem fun, but is equally dangerous. Water, no matter low calm it looks, can be fatal. A few inches of water is enough to drown … Read more

COVID-19 Lockdown: What To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

With the United States accounting for almost a third of the world’s COVID-19 cases. There’s no other choice for government officials but to issue lockdown orders. For most states, people have been stuck at home for at least three weeks now. With no end in sight, it’s becoming more difficult for many Americans to deal … Read more

How To Build Your Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes are growing in popularity as more people want an affordable, sustainable option. Building a shipping container home is an affordable and environmentally friendly option for homeowners who don’t require a lot of space. For instance, you can personalize your container home to match your design style and preferences. Here is a look … Read more