Facts About Teen Depression (Infographic)

Often, responsible parents do not recognize teen depression. The symptoms can be mistaken for the child “just being a teen.” Many teens often complain about being tired. Teens go through difficult times, especially during their teenage years where they are often faced with many challenges. One of the most challenging parts of their lives is … Read more

What Dog Breed Matches Your MBTI Personality?

Every dog is unique just as every human is! But the fun lies in discovering the similarities that are there beyond the fur and the species, of course! So our pet-crazy team started a fun project that resulted in this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for dogs! This infographic is just a fun way to see what … Read more

A Complete Guide to Creating Successful Company Logos

When asked what it takes to start a business, you could probably rattle off a list: a great product, financing, four years of sleep deprivation. Those are definitely good answers, but you forgot one tiny detail. Branding. Here’s why branding matters: You wouldn’t tell a random story to someone you just met. You’d start with … Read more

The Yoga Industry a Billion Dollar Business (Infographic)

Strech.nl has put together this fascinating infographic about the Yoga industry. A detailed overview of the 4th fastest growing industry in the world! A must-read for every Yogi or entrepreneur! Yoga is a lifestyle and can be like a form of religion for many people. Yogis are passionate about the subject, telling their friends, sharing … Read more

First Trimester of Pregnancy: Baby’s Development

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and intricate part of life. It’s very exciting and is a time of many changes for the mother-to-be. Pregnancy is broken down into three developmental stages, called trimesters. Each trimester brings its own unique changes and symptoms, but today we will focus on 1st trimester changes. Baby’s Progress in First … Read more

13 Best Stretch Exercises for Wheelchair Users

New infographic created by a power wheelchair company KD Smart Chair, visualizes the best 13 stretching exercises for wheelchair users. Sitting long hours in a wheelchair may cause back pains, stress, joint discomfort, muscle tensions. Sitting too long in a wheelchair may lead to lower back pain and tightening of back muscles and joints. Under … Read more

Ten Major Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism (Infographic)

Musical, story-driven, colorful, and vibrant, Hinduism is one of the most prominent religions that influences and motivates many beyond the globe. There are various Hindu Gods and Goddesses who are worshiped in different styles and traditions. As a matter of fact, there are about 33 million Gods and Goddesses in total. In Hinduism, the numerous … Read more

Can You Read Other People’s Emotions? (Infographic)

Do you think you have an innate ability to read other people’s emotions? I’m positive you do. But let’s be honest, it can be hard to read the emotions of others. This is where the infographic comes in. This infographic is designed to help readers understand how to read other people’s emotions, and becoming an … Read more