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real estate photography

A complete guideline for real estate photography camera settings

To take professional photos of an element, every small thing should be considered very carefully. It can be the elements, environment, camera settings, and many more. We are going to learn real estate photography camera settings with an attractive infographic. It describes the aperture settings, manual settings, shutter speed, ISO settings, and many more. Before going to the central part, …

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Coworking Space

32 Awesome Coworking Space Statistics that will Surprise and Inspire You

To really understand the state of coworking space and its impact on modern society, Ergonomic Trends has compiled 32 of the most illuminating statistics on coworking spaces that will surprise and inspire you. See everything from coworking space market size, growth projections, to the main benefits workers feel they get by working in these flexible workspaces. via ergonomictrends.com

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Office Recycling Flowchart

Office Recycling Flowchart: Are You Ready To Be A Green Office?

Recycling is an important thing we all do at home for the environment, but what about office recycling and waste? Discover how with a few easy steps and some office recycling bins, your office can recycle over 90% of waste and reduce costs. The good news is that reducing your waste going to landfill will also benefit your corporate bottom …

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10 Best States for Taxes vs 10 Worst States for Taxes

10 Best States for Taxes vs 10 Worst States for Taxes

There is nothing more permanent in life than death and taxes. It is a reality that people have to deal with every year. Whether you’re gainfully employed, running a small business, or an owner of a large company, you still have to file the necessary taxes come tax season. It helps to always have your books balanced so you don’t …

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Remote Working: Why is this Flexible Work Trend on the Rise?

Traditional office work is becoming a thing of the past with an ever-growing amount of businesses allowing individuals’ flexibility in the way they work. This flexibility is key for the future of business and is beneficial to both the performance of workers and businesses as a whole. Remote working is the new norm! via studio42workspaces.com

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Real Estate Industry Trends

Top 10 US Real Estate Industry Trends and Predictions for 2019

eSalesData’s infographic on the top US real estate industry trends and predictions for 2019 is an eye-opener for the industry folks. For the industry, 2018 was all about ups and downs. From challenges like increasing home prices, labor shortage to positive signs like technological innovation, a lot happened last year. However, as we are in 2019, a lot of expectations …

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How To Load a Skip

How To Load a Skip Efficiently like a pro

Woodford Recycling’s How to load a skip efficiently like a pro infographic, is a step-by-step guide to loading a skip. Helping people save money by avoiding additional skip hire costs and the overfilling of skips. Efficient skip filling is like a game of Tetris: you’ve got to adjust oddly-shaped items into the optimum position to utilise all available space. Overfilling …

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Creating Your Lead Generation Funnel

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Lead Generation Funnel

The most critical part of any business development strategy is to establish how the business will generate leads. This infographic will give you invaluable insights that will help you understand the lead generation process as well as an overview on tips and best practices to creating your lead generation funnel. via albacross.com

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Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks

7 Effective Ways to Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks

Cyber security has become one of the hottest topic in tech circles and rightly so. The amount of data businesses collect, manage and distribute these days makes them a soft target for cyber criminals. Moreover, the lack of measures on business part to secure their assets makes matters worse for them. Businesses collect user data and store some sensitive information …

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psychology of shopping

Neuromarketing; The science of selling

Think you’re in charge when you’re out shopping, making any choices when out shopping? Well, think again because the subconscious pokes its nose in more than you’d imagine. For more facts and figures on the psychology of selling, see our charts. via handytags.co.uk

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Amazon Seller Fees 2019

Amazon Seller Fees 2019 | Amazon Fee Schedule

This infographic ‘Amazon Seller Fees 2019‘ details fee changes for Amazon Sellers for 2019. For individual sellers there is no monthly fee. For Professional Sellers the fee is still $39.99 per month. Amazon Seller Fees 2019 The minimum referral fee from Amazon is 6%. The average is 15% and in some cases can go as high as 45%! Be sure …

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Better Business Meetings: Go From Blah to Awe With These 9 Tips

Fact: Nine out of ten people admit to daydreaming during business meetings. And nearly 40% admit to dozing off during gatherings! Better Business Meetings If your business meetings feel boring, pointless and unproductive, then who can blame them? But it doesn’t have to be this way. Take your meetings from boring to brilliant with these nine simple tips. You don’t …

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Office Redesign

5 Reasons to Go Resimercial for Your Next Office Redesign

Office design has changed a lot since the heyday of the cubicle. Companies are finding that tastes are changing. People want the office to be comfortable to compete with the growing trend of working from home. This infographic explains some of the reasons why resimercial has become so popular and how your company can join this new trend. via globalfurnituregroup.com

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Implement A Shared Service Model

A shared service approach to IT can save your organization time, money and expenditure of needless resources. However, it’s important to understand the common pitfalls and approaches used when implementing one. We made this infographic to help guide anyone embarking on a shared service model project. via infotech.com

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5 things you need to know about metal waste management

Metal manufacturers produce a number of unique byproducts that require a special approach for managing. We made this infographic to demonstrate in a user friendly way how metal manufacturers can make sure that are disposing of waste properly, including dealing with hazardous materials, on-site storage, protecting against theft and more. via aviva.ca

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Perfect Landing Page

How To Make A High-Converting Perfect Landing Page

The benefits of a landing page are many. From helping you gather vital customer data to helping you generate leads to helping you increase your email list, a perfect landing page is a tried and tested marketing tool that helps drive greater conversion on your investment. The anatomy of a perfect Landing Page However, to ensure that your landing page …

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Types Of Maintenance Strategies

3 Main Types Of Maintenance Strategies

The team over at Limble CMMS created a versatile software for all your maintenance problems. But the question remains – which maintenance strategy is the best to implement alongside it? Are you using the right strategy for your organization? Check out this detailed side-by-side comparison of the 3 main maintenance strategies, and find the answers to those questions. via limblecmms.com

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Buying and Selling Process

Buying and Selling Process Made Easy

We put together an infographic that shows the Buying and Selling Process Made Easy and the closing cost associated. If your are wonder how the buying and selling process works, here in a general infographic explaining the process. via malcolmshepherd.com

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Future of Technical Support Outsourcing

Future of Technical Support Outsourcing: Top Trends and Things to Know

The internet and the many gadgets, gizmos, or tech that came about with it have made lives easier. Aside from consumers, businesses have also benefited from the technology. For instance, many retail stores have also opened online counterparts. Now that there’s better equipment and internet connections are more stable, accessing the store without visiting physical shops is already possible. But …

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5S – The Foundation of Lean

Ever wondered how to effectively organize your workplace and maintain it? 5S might just be the right answer. 5S is a systematic tool critical for any Lean organization or company looking to be more efficient. The 5S methodology is a framework that guides you through a logical process of organizing spaces in the facility, from large work cells all the …

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Unhappy Employees

10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees

10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees – Thanks to the internet, startups and organizations all over the world now have access to a bigger pool of talent to choose from. Diversity has become a major factor in recruitment, and thought leaders are emphasizing the importance of hiring a team with a diverse background in a successful organization. Just like diversity, …

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Insurance Technologies to Watch in 2019

11 Disruptive Insurance Technologies to Watch in 2019

11 Disruptive Insurance Technologies to Watch in 2019 – Analysts say that $2 Billion will be invested into InsureTech (insurance technology) in the coming year – 2019. New startups like Leadsurance are bringing automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to independent insurance brokers and agents that will enable them to better serve their customers and increase their bottom line. From …

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Cryptoccureny in 2018

Cryptocurrency in 2018

2018 was definitely one of the toughest years for the world of Cryptocurrency. However, there were also major optimistic signs, such as the increase in the number of blockchain wallets and major technical development. You will learn more about the positive developments and major news and activities in the below infographic. It will brief and explain to you a full …

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