KDMFAB Infographic

KDM offers sheet metal fabrication for producing different products, structures, and parts. We can provide different fabrication processes including stamping, welding, bending, assembly, laser cutting, and more. Our engineers can bend, fold, or cut different sheet metal materials to form any shape. We are equipped with advanced fabrication equipment such as special tools. KDM has … Read more

What is Resin Wicker

Resin wicker is a synthetic material primarily composed of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), antioxidants, and colorants, blended in specific proportions and extruded at high temperatures. It possesses water, UV, and corrosion resistance characteristics, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. It is also known by other names, such as plastic wicker and PE rattan.

The Top Financial Holding Companies Make This Much Money Per Second

Holding companies include banks, banking groups, and parent companies of subsidiaries. Some might even own companies in industries outside financials. LLCAttorney took all of this information and calculated the top financial holding companies based on their 2023 earnings. These numbers are incredibly huge! Not only does their infographic show us their gross yearly earnings, but … Read more

The Role of Medical Marketing Agencies in Patient Acquisition

In the growingly competitive healthcare landscape, it’s crucial for medical practices to distinguish themselves with robust marketing strategies. Crafting and executing such plans can be resource-intensive for smaller practices. This is where engaging a healthcare marketing agency proves invaluable. Here are six compelling reasons for medical practices to explore this option: Targeted Expertise in the … Read more

The Drugs Used Most Often Across the US

The prescription drug market is one of the most profitable industries in the US. No other country in the world prescribes as many drugs as the United States does. This infographic from NY Requirements shows us a lot of fascinating information about this booming industry and all the health insights we can glean from looking … Read more

Mapping AI Laws and Strategies

As AI technology advances rapidly, many questions rise about the safety of the technology and in what ways it could negatively impact society. It’s true that AI could provide us with a lot of social good, but there is potential for harm too. That’s why the team at AIPRM did extensive research on the laws … Read more