How to Search and Choose Your Business Name

One key step to starting a business is choosing the perfect business name. There are plenty of ways to come up with a name for your business. You can survey friends and family, have brainstorming sessions with your business partner, or even use a business name generator. Business name generators are great tools to help … Read more

How to Find Out If a Business Name Is Already Registered

Once you embark on the journey of starting a business you will face many challenges from getting funding for your business to creating a marketing strategy that brings in customers. One obstacle that many overlook is coming up with a name for your business. A useful tool to help you strategize ideas is a business … Read more

Beyond Identity: Introducing Passwordless Security

Living in a world where remote work has become the new norm, securing your systems and devices from cyberattacks has never been more important. In 2020, 62% of Americans worked from home, a rapid shift that was completely unprecedented, and many organizations did not have the security infrastructure to support this change.  While remote work … Read more

Consumers Love Corporate Culture

Are you a business owner considering a change in corporate culture? Are you a business owner that isn’t? No matter where you fall on the scale of consideration, making changes to your corporate culture could have long lasting impacts on the efficiency of your business.  Corporate culture defines the productivity of your employees. Employees who are … Read more

Why You Need to Clean Your Home Workplace

TidyChoice ’s infographic ‘’Why you need to clean your home workplace’’ presents top tips on how to keep your home workplace germ-free. To keep bacteria in check and avoid illness, clean your workplace. Sanitize your desk, keyboard, mouse and phone at least once a day. Germs need warm humid place to multiply, and wiping down … Read more

The Importance of Supply Chain Diversity

2020 will go down in history under many names, not least of which is “the year of supply chain disruption. In early February, before COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic, 70% of US businesses were already assessing their suppliers and trying to figure out who was in lockdown. Soon after, 97% of businesses worldwide were impacted by pandemic-related … Read more